David & Sylvia Pickering, Investors​

Quinovic has been very efficient, finding us a great tenant, getting market rent and when managing our property. We get reports on the status of our property on a regular basis. Very happy with the service provided
Mark Cook, The Home Loan Shop
My property manager is a proactive communicator which gives me peace of mind that my property is being well managed and allows me to focus on my business.
L. Wilson, Property Investor
Our experience has been great and both property managers we have had have been wonderful - extremely helpful and efficient and pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended. 
I. McPherson, Property Investor
We have never had a bad tenant with them. We get lots of information from our portfolio manager on the state of our apartment, told about renewing leases in plenty of time and what the market is doing. We are using them currently for an apartment but they also did our family home while we were overseas. 
Robert Clemens, Stratum Developers
Our company has been using Quinovic Kent Terrace to provide all our property management requirements for some time now and they completely take the stress out of property ownership
Rex Davenport, Property Investor

For the past 10 years I have had my property managed by the Kent Terrace.


Their Marketing, Management and Reporting systems are first class and the Property Managers are very aware that timely and regular communications provides owners with peace of mind.


The monthly Financial reports usually include articles covering a variety of topics from letting market conditions, to changes to the Residential Tenancy Act, rates and insurance trends, and tips to ensure that good tenants are retained. This secondary information is much appreciated as it is a quick way to keep up to date on issues that are important to property investors.

Kim Quartermain, Property Investor

With Quinovic I’ve received support during the hard times. I have been listened to, my concerns have been acted upon, and my property manager has become a trusted expert. I know what my money is being spent on and I’ve got my time back.

R. Wallis, Property Investor
Reliable, prompt feedback, with clear regular reports and photos. I feel Quinovic gives the impression they care about our property as we do.
Joe Knowles, Property Investor
After renovating the property and making contact with Robbie Mitten we've been able to achieve the results expected by property investors of high gains with minimal input.
Philippa Kenning, Property Investor

It’s one thing to be in the same country of your properties, but when you are on the other side of the world, it’s doubly hard. Especially with the time difference.

Debra Ashton, Property Investor

After having investment properties for 27 years, Quinovic Kent Terrace Wellington Property Managers have proved to be outstanding. As landlords, they have provided ourselves and our tenants with prompt action and service at all times resulting in us keeping the same tenants for the past four years.

Ian and Alison McKenzie, Property Investors

We know that the inspections will be done, that any necessary maintenance will be attended to, and that new tenants will be found promptly. These things might sound obvious and expected but we can assure you they don’t always happen with other firms.

So the benefits we have received from Quinovic have nothing to do with saving or freeing up our own management time, but have everything to do with the peace of mind of knowing that our Wellington properties are being managed effectively and efficiently.

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